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Technology partners

Our technology partners are our key assets, each providing an expertise that contributes to the development of the project. The have been selected from a wide field of candidates for their proven effectiveness in delivering workable solutions to time and budget. 

Each partner has committed significant resources to the project with the aim of benefiting the industry as a whole and thereby improving working practice and product quality. 

Click on the Partners dropdown menu above to find out more about the participating organisations, their areas of expertise, key personnel and contact details. 

Supply Chain Grant Partners


1. Raynor Foods (SME sandwich manufacturer)

2. Sweetbridge (DLT platform designer)

3. IMS Evolve (IDT developer: IoT machine monitoring)

4. Industria (DLT international standards)

5. University of Lincoln (IDT developer, AI, impact assessment, Food industry expertise)

6. University of Exeter (IDT developer, AI, impact assessment)

7. Chep (Supply chain equipment)

8. Netfoundry/Tata (IDT developer: IoT interoperability/cyber security)

9. Digital Catapult (IDT adoption)




Non-grant claiming Partners


1. Microsoft (ERP)

2. Wicks Manor Pork (Supply chain; meats)

3. KPMG (Compliance / DLT platform)

4. HMRC (Regulation)

5. Food Standards Agency (Regulation)

6. Food & Drink Federation (Dissemination)

7. KTN Food Group (Dissemination)

8. Innovation Working Group DEFRA Food Sector

Council (Dissemination)

9. Institute of Food Science and Technology (Oversight

and Dissemination)

10. Organic Cotton Accelerator (Oversight & dissemination)

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