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​​The Digital Sandwich - Digitised Food Supply Chain, fusing IoT, Blockchain and AI data layers to improve productivity, traceability and reduce waste

Lead Participant: Raynor Foods Limited
structural layer diagram - June 2021.png

We are approaching Reynolds to request support for project. The project will develop a digital twin of the Reynolds food supply chain and provide tools that underpin full, instant, permissioned and immutable food traceability and provenance, automated inventory control via new AI algorithms, automated and approved paperless systems for finance and supply chain monitoring, access to meta data on the supply chain (load patterns, environmental data), 1st in market to the CHEP digital equipment fleet and potential integration to ERP systems.


Disruption to Reynolds would be kept to an absolute minimum. We envisage the project will require 8 meetings (quarterly for the IT Director), 15 days time x 3 from a Finance Controller, Supply Chain controller and purchasing manager, 45 days for further technical assistance which including data costs and travel would equate to an in kind cost of £40K over 2 years. 40% of all time input by existing Reynolds staff can be claimed back as a cash grant form Innovate UK (£16K). All Reynolds data will be kept completely confidential to Reynolds via a permissioned blockchain structure.. The project will be submitted in 28 August, with a decision made on 31st October, with contract start date on 1 December, but operational planning commencing in the New Year.

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