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NetFoundry enables innovation by making zero trust, high performance networking simple and programmable. We are the leader in providing embeddable zero trust networking.  The platform embeds secure, high performance networking directly into applications and solutions, so they can be easily managed across edges, clouds and connected supply chains.


In the Digital Sandwich initiative, NetFoundry is working with the other members to securely connect users, devices and applications across multiple networks.  By integrating secure networking into the solution with NetFoundry APIs and SDKs, members can innovate in a new art of the possible, leverage the agility of a software-only, cloud-orchestrated model and ensure the security as well as trust of the supply chain participants and data.

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68 Upper Thames St, Queenhithe, London EC4V 3BJ

101 S Tryon Street, Suite 2700, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA 28280

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Philip Griffiths

Head of Europe,
Middle East and Africa

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