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IMS Evolve

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IMS Evolve is an Internet of Things (IoT) company specialising in food retail innovation that significantly reduces waste, drives down energy consumption and improves operational efficiency, whilst being dedicated to protecting and improving food safety and quality.


Headquartered in Milton Keynes, UK, IMS Evolve has spent over two decades delivering transformative solutions for some of the world’s largest supermarket brands. Their innovative approach provides retailers with estate-wide asset-level insights to enable real-time monitoring and management of mission-critical infrastructure, such as refrigeration, HVAC and lighting, to drive unprecedented levels of automation and inform and improve operational processes.

IMS Evolve's contribution to the Digital Sandwich project will include leading the IOT development and extending and linking  the Blockchain-DLT to their existing market-leading machine monitoring IoT platform.


They will collect metadata (refrigeration/cooking temperatures/machine monitoring) by connecting to sensors from existing equipment across the entire supply chain in order to validate product changes. IMS Evolve will also collaborate with the consortium members to support cross functional connectivity and interoperability of the technology stack.


IMS Evolve will leverage their significant in-depth knowledge and experience of managing and delivering large scale projects, including for some of the world’s largest retailers, to enable development of a robust and reliable platform.

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IMS Evolve,

1 Matrix House, 

2 North Fourth Street, 

Milton Keynes,


01908 351000

Edward Porter

Director of IoT Solutions

Paul Edrich


John Hevey

Programme Manager

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