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Crosspay is a fintech payment platform and SaaS provider that focusses on offering cutting edge payment and digital solutions to customers and organizations across the globe. The Crosspay payments platform has a wide portfolio of payment products and services, ranging cross border payments for both personal and corporate customers, enterprise solutions, charity payments and SaaS. As an emerging leader for digital transformation in the payments industry, we have direct integration with banks and FI’s; and offer a comprehensive, quick, robust and secure digital ecosystems for payments.

Crosspay was founded with a mission to make remittance simpler and cheaper, and we have built our own proprietary system to power international transfers at a fraction of the cost. Crosspay currently facilitates cross-border payments (personal and business) from Europe to over 50 countries across the globe. 

Crosspay’s contribution to the Digital Sandwich project will include a KYC process that is compatible with the Sweetbridge Identity system and a technology infrastructure compatible with the wallet design needed in the project. Crosspay also has the licensing infrastructure needed in the project to make payments using a virtual currency along with the ability to do faster payments, international funds transfers and currency conversion through integration with banks.

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Rakesh Kurian

Founder and CEO

Sarayu Dharmaraj

Director of operations

Queens Court,
9-17 Eastern Road,
Essex RM1 3NH.


+44 (0) 203 096 2255

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