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Details of mentions of Digital Sandwich in media will be published here. 

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11 September 2020

DBE&I/UKRI web article/press release
£300 million to boost UK manufacturing productivity by 30%

The Digital Sandwich – Digitised Food Supply Chain (Chelmsford): Raynor Foods Ltd, a leading UK sandwich supplier who helped supply the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic, is creating a major piece of software where food and drinks businesses can connect online to share valuable data. This information exchange will increase productivity, improve cashflow, help boost food quality and reduce waste within in the supply chain. The platform includes small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), who don’t usually have access to this kind of technology and will benefit sectors including pharmaceutical, aerospace and automotive.

Link to full article:

11 September 2020

UKRI article
£147m investment in Manufacturing Made Smarter

New funding announced to transform UK manufacturing capabilities through the development and adoption of Industrial Digital Technologies (IDTs).

This investment will raise productivity by 30%, accelerate the drive to Net Zero emissions, create thousands of highly skilled jobs and allow the UK to shape the future of manufacturing.

UKRI has already awarded the challenge its first investment package of £20 million to 14 innovative projects in Round1

Link to full article:

11 September 2020

UKRI video
Investing £147 million into UK manufacturing

Through the ISCF Manufacturing Made Smarter Challenge, we're funding innovative manufacturing projects that will use technology – VR, 3D printing, AI, and more – to boost the industry.

Video available via the UKRI Twitter feed

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